6 Bollywood celebs and their style statements!

She rocks any style when she is comfortable! This is a style statement in itself, in this fashion conscious world, where most of the women get an inspiration from the Bollywood divas. Everyone knows that the pace at which the trend changes in the industry is just the same as a normal girl follows those upcoming trends in her life.

Today, the scenario has totally changed because even a small town girl tries to imitate the style of a Fashionista who owns a luxury car, designer clothing, expensive accessories and last but not least, the extravagant sling bags. If you are the one among the crowd who has a deep love for distinct bags and totes, then you are close enough to make the best purchase from the online portal of stalkbuylove.com.

Even I hold the same love for these innate and fashionable handbags online which instantly accentuate my style up in an effortless way. Gradually, I came to know that they are the treasure holders and I started keeping all my minute essentials and things in the sling bag; I even collected many of different hues, styles, chains, straps and sizes, but never dumped any in my wardrobe (only sling bag lovers can use all in a single life). Till date, I am carrying my brown bag with me at most of the places just to stay comfortable and hands-free.

I can’t even tell you how easy I feel while I carry it on my shoulders, no burden of holding in my hands at that perfect right position to flaunt the brand name to the public. I just put it across my front torso or on one of the sides and stay comfy as well as stylish at the same time. While I carry it for-my-easy-to-go-style, I also make sure that it should carry all my inevitable belongings inside it from essential make up to important documents and licenses and most importantly my credit cards, and yes!!! It holds up easily, the spacing inside it so well-managed that it easily accommodates my routine stuff and frees me from the worries of holding any other larger bag.

Before I deviate you much from the topic, let me reveal the stunning pictures of our favourite stars that are captured with their designer sling bags on various occasions, events, on the red carpet, parties and even at the airports. They don’t leave even a single moment to flaunt their unique style that can and even does inspire a million of fans and fashion freaks to buy the same.


Sonakshi Sinha, the Junior ShotGun, famous for her dialogue, “Thappad Se Darr Nahi lagta Sahab, Pyaar Se Lagta hai” was found carrying the Louis Vuitton sling bag that complimented her outfit a lot. The distressed denim, yellow tee with the same coloured flip flops looked fabulous with her luxurious branded bag. Although she picked up a casual look for herself that day, yet a countless number of girls get swayed away with her style even now.

The way she contrasted the shades for her attire and matched it up with the dusky brown is easy to follow style as well as an evergreen one. A woman of any age group could resemble herself to this fashion outfit and the style. Get a similar bag for yourself and uplift the theme of women’s fashion in an extraordinary manner for keeping your documents, make-up tools and cash in a particular sleek place.

Amrita Arora Ladak, the actress is not that known for herself, but yes, she is quite renowned as the sister of ever stunning Malaika Arora Khan who has never missed even a single opportunity to flaunt herself. And by God’s Grace, the Malaika’s effect can be seen with her sister as well who plays well with extravagant outfits by holding a red bag across her torso. She looks totally captivating in this black dress from head to toe, but still her chained sling bag is an attention grabber here. From small accessories to essential belongings, you can fit in all the things you want in this bag.


Shilpa Shetty is best known for her gait and her perfect hourglass figure and has always mesmerized her fans with her style, charm, fashion sense and sex appeal. In this picture of hers, when she comes in front of the camera flashing her new collection of sling bags, then she truly becomes a role model for many and wins the hearts of the rest. Here, her golden bag is looking flawless with the red and gray combination, making her outlook more unique in the crowd.

Even you can buy the same for carrying it in daily routine and keep your mobile and cash safe now. Most of you might not find glitters and shine silver or golden bags online as comfortable for daily routine, but trust me, ladies… this is the latest fashion right now and once you will start adoring these shades, you might not get comfortable with those mute and neutral shades.

Sophie Choudry, the singer cum actor cum performer is one of the hottest celebrities in the film industry, she showcased her favourite black sling bag with a gold metal strap, in a way that anyone can easily fall in love with the bag and her intense style. This bag is not so similar to the rest as it has got more space, pockets, and elegant look in order to provide a perfect look for you. So, add it to your wardrobe collection and carry it to all your casual and formal events with charm and confidence. The Black is the evergreen shade and the formal look that it offers with its golden chain is a must try.

Jacqueline Fernandez, I have started adoring this woman since I have seen her in the movie Kick, the grace this lady has got is out of this world and that is why she is considered as one of the hottest celebrities of the B-town. Apart from that, she is even known for her 3 am friendship with the Bollywood fashionista Sonam Kapoor, and I am sure both share their styling tips with each other for these everlasting and flawless looks. Here, the gorgeous women were recently captivated in Sri Lanka with an ever charming slingbag. From lunches to evening-outs, she managed with this handy bag in her extravagant style. The neutral beige with her white ensemble is making her stand apart in the crowd with the unique combination.


Raveena Tandon Thadani, the mother of two, looks ravishing in her black dress code with an ultra stylish and bold sling bag. No matter what she is doing and where she is going right now, her entire look is extremely killing which has been taken on an airport. The lady has always been a heartthrob for many men and a fashionista for many women and so has she maintained herself even till date.

So, before your jaws fell down with some more pictures of the famous celebrities, I want that you start browsing the one for yourself. May be of the same brand, may be of a lighter quality or in a different hue, but having one of the same kinds is just too needed now. Fashion speaks about your personality and so do the sling bags!

Women’s fashion has no bar but still carrying sling bags is not a piece of cake for every young girl and to help you with this, a few tips are mentioned below which you must follow before you pick up any stylish sling bag.

  • The type of dress you wear makes a huge difference in the choice of a sling bag. So, if you are opting for a short flowy dress, get a small sling bag for on your shoulder and if you are wearing a pair of denim or fitted trousers then feel free to adopt a huge bag with you.
  • Layered outlook, jacket, muffler, cap, long boots and a pair of jeans; all go perfectly with a sling bag. In short, during winters, this is a common style statement that everyone must follow in order to look hot and commendable.
  • Before you lose your confidence of carrying a sling bag, adjust its length of the strap as per your height and go bold wherever you want. This is one of those tips which is known to all but followed by a few fashion freaks only.
  • Contrasting effects in your overall ensemble is a great tip, which can make you stand out in the crowd. Sling bags could be used up for such effects to tone up or down your attire in solid hues or multicoloured shades so that it outshines you with that perfect costume.
  • Choose sling bags for different looks, from casual to semi-casual and to complete formal. The more elegant and structured sling you carry, the better it suits the formal attire while funky ones are meant for your casual dates and lunches.

So the gorgeous women, try a few women’s fashion style statements, the latest handbags online shopping from stalkbuylove for your new looks and slay the style in your own unique way.