Designer Baby Clothes – Baby Girl Dresses To Die For

Who says designer baby clothes aren’t fun? They haven’t seen the latest in baby dresses from the likes of UK-based Caramel Baby & Child, or USA’s Lotus Springs. These are two designers of baby girl dresses that deserve your attention. Not only do they make dresses, but they make other baby girl clothes as well, but with the seasons changing here in a New York minute, dresses take the stage.

Lotus Springs makes a wonderful party dress just right for the little Miss in your life. One of their dresses is an eco-friendly, sleeveless number. The silk and cotton blend will caress her skin with a luxurious, soft embrace. Since this dress is double layered, you’ll be sure that she keeps warm as well as fashion-savvy. This particular dress is available in either brown or pink, naturally, and both are simply stunning.

Another designer is New York-based Estella. They have designed a variety of baby girls dresses, including a corduroy dress that is luxuriously soft to the touch. Designed with the holidays in mind, it’s actually perfect as a party dress with its tucked, pleated details. When it’s warm out, lose the layers: this piece is perfect spring time wear for a casual picnic.

Yet another designer is UK-based Caramel Baby & Child, who also makes a great line of designer baby clothes that run the gamut from simple sun dresses to velvet blouses. Their goal is simple – without logos or any other distractions, create luxurious, modern styles that are unique, relaxed and understated.

Their style is definitely British couture, as can be seen in their Baby LEAR Poplin shirts, for instance. One of their best dresses, in this reviewer’s eyes, is their Audrey cotton and silk dress, in a simple sleeveless, gathered, blue and khaki masterpiece. This versatile dress can be layered for style, or worn on the warmest day to bring out a little more sunshine to the noonday sun. With so many choices available, there is only one thing left to say: happy shopping!